Problems faced by Indian Education System

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One of the chief evils facing Indian education system is escalating populace. Indian population has already crossed one billion and is still growing at even faster pace. On the other hand, the development in Indian education system has been comparatively sluggish despite best of the efforts put in by both from government and private sector enterprises. According to one conformist approximation, only one third of the total Indian population can be called educated. This is shocking but that’s true. Most of the illiterate populations comprises of children and youngster from the rural and interiors of India. In fact, Indian woman is the worst prey of illiteracy.

Insufficient education opportunities works as a great hindrance for female population. The illiterate children of the rural population are made to work as soon as the beginning and become a winning hand at the beginning of his childhood. The general belief on the study of rural residents is quite depressing and making investment in education is considered waste of time. Ultimately, children leave their schooling before completing their fifth grade.

In addition to financial constraints and lack of interest, other important reasons for children leaving school are the services and the lack of schools and qualified teachers in rural areas. Then there are also other problems such as no electricity, the availability of computers, lack of books and infrastructure problems. This is mainly due to the State educational policies and the efforts of some people that the state was able to build and maintain a comfortable pace with time. Every year, India is producing 2.5 million graduates, and this is only after the U.S. and China. However, in terms of quality in India is lagging behind the developed world. In fact, most graduates can not find work because they are not the brand. Poor funding is another drawback in Indian education system. India is not a rich country, and, of course, the Indian government can not afford to give a lot of money to colleges and universities. On the other hand, the tradition of private funding is still not that popular in Indian economic scenario.

Apart from this, Infrastructural facilities are also not that great in our nation. Since Indian universities do not have adequate funding, of course, that does not invest enough to improve its infrastructure. I sincerely hope that India universities and colleges could get more to create world-class laboratories. These are some top layered problems faced by students in our country. It’s very important that government should improve the scope and significance of business management education, so that our professionals are able to take a stand in the international market.

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Problems faced by Indian Education System

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This article was published on 2011/06/16